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About Me

Hi! I’m Zijada

I have been a professional makeup artist for about 2 years. I am completely self-taught and have found that learning through experimentation and observation is both fun and rewarding. What I love about this career is that I am able to express myself artistically through makeup and also get to meet my wonderful clients.

Transforming how someone not only sees themselves but also how they feel about their appearance is extremely fulfilling. My goal with each of my clients is not to simply diminish their flaws but to accentuate the natural beauty that they hold within.

Why you should choose me


I will make sure to go the extra mile wherever necessary to cater to your makeup needs. From the second you hire me to the second I leave I will make it my priority to make you feel as calm and comfortable as I can.


I will travel to your location. This saves you the time and stress of being multiple places on the already crowded day. I can give you some great recommendations to help save you time in planning.


A makeup artist is just that – an artist. I enjoy creativity this line of work brings. Choosing the right lipstick, matching eyeshadow colors are all activities similar to an artist’s work, using the face as a canvas.


I still get a flutter of excitement every time I start the new project. This art happens in the moment, so ideally, everything would be perfect the first time. I want to keep my client feeling comfortable and secure.


'' Zijada was absolutely a joy to work with! I would recommend her to anyone.
She was so helpful in helping me find a look that worked for me. She is incredibly talented and sweet!
We had so much fun! ''


'' Zijada is by far the best makeup artist in STL! She makes sure too take her time & also makes sure your makeup is everything you’d want it too be plus more! You will never leave disappointed. Thanks Zijada for always making me look great. ''

Arnela Zukancic

'' So I decided to try out a new makeup artist & to say I’m pleased is an understatement. Zijada made sure I was comfortable & was super nice! The makeup was AH-MAZING! Even after a whole night of dancing it looked perfect! ''

Amra Tucic

'' Zijada is amazingly talented. She will give you exactly the look you are aiming for and she knows how to hide your flaws & emphasis your best features!
I highly recommend Zijada for your next event!!! ''

Maida Rahmanovic

'' Let me just say, no one will regret going to Zijada to get their makeup done whether it’s for a small event, or a special occasion. She is truly so talented, yet super sweet,fun, and honestly loves what she does. One of a kind makeup artist. ''

Sedina Vrbanjac
How should I prepare for my appointment?

For a makeup appointment, please make sure your face is completely clean and free of any makeup or mascara before the makeup artist arrives.

I’m late for my appointment. What should I do?

If you’re running late, don’t worry. I allow a 15 minute grace period for you to arrive. If you are running late, please call me at phone 314 403 9836 or email me at I am sure we can work something out.

How last minute can I book my appointment?

You can book an appointment online up to three hours before the appointment time. If you need an appointment sooner than three hours please call me directly at phone:  314 403 9836 or email me at If I am not too busy, I would love to book you an appointment.